Welcome to my site! 

I work in journalism, song/poetry, film/stage and communications, writing in English and translating from German, Hungarian, Romanian and Russian.  

I've supplied US/EU finance news to Acuris and Transylvania travel articles to EuropeUpClose. My lyric work can be heard in recordings and performances by Kistehén, Gregory Vajda, Lajos Gyurik, Vilmos Gryllus and the Baltazar Theatre. I translated a miniseries for ContentLab & Factory and made a concise version of The Misanthrope for Krétakör.

Others who've used my work include the Economist Group, The Independent, the Leibniz Institute for Contemporary History, the Oxford Business Group, the Times Literary Supplement, Modern Poetry in Translation, The Hungarian Quarterly and the Budapest Business Journal, where I led a bilingual newsroom. I've also helped private clients, corporate and individual, with their documents and publicity materials.

I co-created Converging Lines, a cross-cultural cooperation series, and The Bardroom, the cabaret it grew from. Getting started in the 90s, I earned a first-class Oxford languages degree and an Institute of Linguists translation diploma. 

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