Welcome to my site! 

I've been working in media, entertainment and communications since the 90s: writing and editing in US and UK English, translating and adapting from German, Hungarian, Romanian and Russian, and sometimes supervising other professionals.
I've spent 18 years translating and summarizing finance news for Acuris, penned over 30 Transylvania travel articles for EuropeUpClose and led a bilingual newsroom as the Budapest Business Journal’s editor.
I've translated scripts for screen and stage companies such as ContentLab & Factory and the Baltazar Theatre, and co-created a cabaret, The Bardroom, and a resultant cross-cultural project, Converging Lines.
I’ve been commissioned to translate and write verse for several music artists, including Kistehén and Gregory Vajda, and for more than a dozen publishers, among them the Leibniz Association and The Hungarian Quarterly.
I've also helped corporate and private clients with documents and publicity materials.
I earned an Institute of Linguists translation diploma and a first-class Oxford languages degree.

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