Reviews of Budapest Tales

There are very good stories: Andrew Fincham’s, Istvan Örkény’s, not to mention Ottó Orban’s elegant poetry and David Hill’s “Loneliness Bridge”...  this is the good wine. And it’s good that some of today’s living writers are mixed with such big names as Örkény and József … this small anthology is entertaining and  it whets the reader’s appetite for further reading.
-Kabdebó Tamás  “The Green Journal”, Pecs, Hungary

David Hill’s “Loneliness Bridge,” for instance, is the best advertisement for Budapest you could imagine, a  poem that could easily be made into the lyrics of a song (probably with jazz accompaniment). Hilarious at moments … D. Harlan Wilson’s ”Streets of Hats” reminds me at times of Kafka – the metamorphosis of a man, this time into the street of Buda and vice-versa; and Istvan Orkeny’s idea of a walking phone booth…innovative and surreal…The collection acts as a literary, even avant-garde guide to Budapest herself, at times more useful than the official literal ones…
–Karolina Maslarz, journalist, Poland












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